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The Miraculous Results Of Extremely High Doses Of The Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3

This updated edition has a fascinating new look at diabetes as an evolved defense to freezing damage in winter gone out of control- Don't miss it!

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Upon realizing that taking 4,000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day was not enough for me, I decided to embark on a "dangerous" experiment that directly contradicted everything MD's had told me for years:


I started taking 20,000 IU a day-50X times the recommended dose of 400 IU a day.

After about 4 months upped the dose to 50,000 IU a day or 150X the old recommended "safe" dose I then boosted it to 100,000 IU a day or 300 x TIMES the old maximum safe dose!

What happened over these last 10 months? Did I die? get sick? No! Just the opposite!!

High dose Vitamin D3 therapy over the last year-

  1. A painful snapping hip syndrome which I had been suffering from for 23 years and no Dr could help me-It is now 100% gone. No pain and NO SNAPPING!!
  2. Yellow fungus infected toenails (under the nail)- I tried everything over 20 years and nothing worked-10 months of high dose Vitamin D3 and they are clear as a bell! 100% cured.
  3. A knobby bone spur on my elbow that made me look like Popeye the sailor man-It has now 100% dissolved and my elbow is back to the way it used to be 20 years ago.
  4. Painful , clicking, popping, stiff Arthritic shoulders that prevented me from even throwing a ball from home plate past the infield. A condition I've had for 15 years. Gone. No more popping snapping or clicking and I can throw the ball twice as far .
  5. A ganglion cyst that persisted on my wrist for over 5 years has shrunk from the size of half a golf ball to the size of a pea and now it is rock hard ,painless, and shrinking.
  6. A small subcutaneous cyst on my face that had not gone away for 20 years -now gone!
  7. AND-Without even trying my weight has dropped by 25 pounds from 204 to 179.

This book tells you detailed results of my experiment, dangers to avoid, and also discusses a simple and elegant new theory that suggests how High Dose Vitamin D3 therapy Should help PREVENT OR CURE all the epidemics of disease and health issues that have been plaguing us since the 1980's when Doctors started warning us to stay out of the sun and always use sunscreen. This has created the huge epidemics we see today of Obesity, Autism, Asthma, and many others!

When your Vitamin D3 levels are low, your body gets you to prepare for winter by overeating, slowing you down to conserve energy, and even making you depressed to keep you housebound. Interestingly it is this same drop in Vitamin D3 levels that signals a bear to start hibernating!

If your body expects famine-like conditions caused by winter to be likely- it will conserve your critical resources for the future. This leads to what I call the Incomplete Repair Syndrome which in turn causes most of the diseases humans face other than spontaneous gene mutations that cause syndromes and diseases caused exclusively by aging. High D3 can be used to prevent or treat a huge number of diseases MS, asthma, 17 kinds of cancer, lupus, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, depression, Parkinsons+many more...

This IS the better mousetrap! Most MD's get just a basic 4 years in Med School, then work to earn not learn. I've researched diseases and aging for 20+ years, with a 10 year stint where I spent 12 hrs/day everyday in the Northwestern Med School's library just reviewing clinical and scientific studies! I've had 3 major papers published; the publishing journal has 5 Nobel Prizes between the editors. And described my papers as extremely exciting and of major importance

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